Finally, a self help book, that will help you understand what this Meth Epidemic is all about!

The Author has spent nearly three years compiling evidence and stories regarding Meth!

Now, a safe book you can leave lay in your home, waiting to unveil the answers you and your entire family are seeking!

A book that is full of truth!

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People that have read the Book:

"I read a few pages each night until I was finished. It was easy to read and understand. It is good to know what meth can do to you. I didn't realize it affected so many families. Thank you Grandpa Don."  Tommy, Age 14.

"Don, I read your book. It helped me realize that I am not in this WAR alone. You just don't realize that so many people are affected by someone elses mistakes, especially family." Darlene, Mother of Son lost on the streets.

"Don, your book opened my eyes and convinced me to explain the results of trying meth to my kids. Everyone shoud read your book and use it to stay out of this meth mess." Barbara, Mother of 3-teenagers."


"Always do sober what you said you would do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut! ~ Hemmingway


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